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Switching Mode Class H amplifier

Switching Mode Class H amplifier
Product name : Switching Mode Class H amplifier
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The switch-mode technology on LA amplifier replaces a large, heavy AC transformer with a highly efficient and lighter-weight active design. Special dual power supplys (one power supply for one channel) make the bass stay full and powerful while the high end remains crisp and clean.


Like other models from LEX, the** can also work as hard into 2 ohm as most.


The amplifier use Class H output circuitry, a form of audio "turbocharging" that increases maximum power without affecting the basic audio quality.  





Ø         High efficiency switching mode power supply design reduce the amplifier weight

Ø         Special dual power supply ensure more power to the bass

Ø         Selectable input sensitivity in voltage 0.775V rms, 1.0V rms and 1.4V rms

Ø         Switch for sub sonic filter 30Hz and below

Ø         Switch for Earth link (on and off)

Ø         Comprehensives Signal (SIG), CLIP (CLIP), Protect (PRO) and PAR/BRG (Parallel/Bridged) indicators to monitor amplifier working status.

Ø         All signal inputs and outputs are on XLR male & female (2x XLR male & 2x XLR female)

Ø         Binding post and Speakon outputs